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Creepy Games Ends.

2008-05-30 13:33:22 by Creepy-games

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After almost a year on newgrounds, Creepy Games has been shut down by its owners remix77 and cyberdevil. Don left the following reason for doing this:

We did have SOME true fans, But allot of people hated us becuase we had made sombody submit somthing that was not ours. This happend becuase it was a sponsorship and not a actual thing that we made untirly. Thus saying that we took credit even though we helped with things untirley appart from the game.

Also, A lack of funding is a cause. We have donated to much money to flash games that may not even happen. Here is a list of flash games that are big projects that wont be done anytime soon that we supplied money for:

1.C25 monster trucks
2.Splash Painter 3.00
3.Stick War
4.Towers of terror
5.Betty Ballers The Game (which was a complete scam considering they canceled it)

All staff of creepy games are now on there own. Were sorry to just boot you out of this investment, But I don't see what else we can do.

Some day we plan to re-open our community, but it will probably be a name different from creepy games.


- The Creepy Games Team -

Creepy Games

2007-10-11 09:30:25 by Creepy-games

the Creepy Games Page

I won't be changing this page much at all. Creepy Games lives on forever. If you want to collaborate, just add creepy-games as a portal buddy, all requests are accepted.

Hello Newgrounds, It's creepy games! Our main mission is to help Joxskorner Studios with games!

Contributors :

bottom of screen.


blueman6 made our banner!!! if you want one PM him(he makes cool stuff)

made our BBS signature. It looks pretty cool.

most of our logos and art are user submitted content. even our new logo (* see bottom of page) is made by a user!

BBS topic list:

How do I use 3DFA? all topics on this go HERE

Our official halloween thread is HERE.

We have been getting very tired of people trying to request games by PMing us. or posing untirely new topics in the BBS just to request us making 1 thread instead of all this cluttered mess. so for here on out, we shall require that you post these HERE.

Want to create a logo for creepy games? but dont know were to post it? then post it HERE

The beginning of our new sponsorship with the skullhead series began HERE

The stuff about the chat room rules and stuff is HERE

Bellow Is our List of projects were working on!
(in order of when they will be done)

1. A night with the spiders
2.Creepy games pacman
3.(new)Creepy-games mini site! (delayed)
4. (new)helicopter assault.

We are currently working on (4) projects.

Frequently asked questions:

Are your games stolen? they don't appear to be yours.

A lot of people think this. its not true the reason its a sample on 3DFA is because we gave it to them however there are games on NG that are matching these games those are stolen.

What are you working on?

Well there is a what we are working on list on our account. For more detail see our forum.
linked to remix77s account

your games are not creepy, so why go with the name creepy-games?

It's just a name, a funny name at that : D

Dont you think your acting a bit show-offy for a small game company?

No I'm not saying that were so busy that we dont have time for you guys and that there are so many comments that we have to make a bunch of rules its just that we like things to be viewer friendly and people to act civilized. if somebody wants to see the creepy games page they may not want profanity all over the comments.

How do you really know what you will get banned for on this account?

obviously when you break the rules* you get banned.

depending on the staff that reads your comment, you may get a week ban at the most!!!

after a meeting with our staff we decided that bans shall not be permanant so if your wondering when its over or you want your ban (please dont beg)

I have further questions that need to be answered rapidly.

well then PM us. Or use the chat.

Arcade games:


Feel free to post comments Below anything is ok! Ideas for games,feedback,(whatever)

Just remember to follow these rules:
1.No spam any completely stupid stuff will not make it to my page but as long as its a real comment its ok.

2. no crude language or sexist/racist stuff its just not alive also dont say anything to bad about creepy-games it's ok to express some mild "I don't like creepy-games" but when it comes to "I hate creepy-games" thats when we draw the line.

3. if you want to request a game for us to make its ok just make sure its appropriate for kids 13 - 15 to play im talking about nothing thats to crude, just fun games and occasionally a violent game.

4. NEW: you may advertise your site you just cant advertise to porn, crude volgure sites, hate sites,etc.

If these rules are broken your comment may not pass, and you may be banned depending on how bad the offence is and how many times you do it.


Creepy Games